Is Skin Fasting The Best Thing For Your Skin Right Now?

Hear me out, wouldn't it be nice to stick to the basics sometimes?

  • written by Joy Onu
  • 3 min read
  • 24 Oct, 2023
Photo by Cottonbro Studio

Don’t get it wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having your daily skincare routine along with your go-to skin care products, but when you’re doing basically everything and nothing is working, wouldn’t it be a good idea to stick to the basics like cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreen while giving your skin a break from other actives.

The thing about skincare fasting is that it gives your skin a breather from all the skincare products you’ve been using, and allows your skin rest, and probably reset. If you have a skincare routine along with products that work for you, then this is probably not for you, why change something that’s clearly not broken? On the other hand, if you’ve been stuck in a long loop of using products that just seem to be causing more harm than good, then a skincare fast might just be what you need.

Granted that a huge part of skincare is actually patience, some products actually need time before you start to see results, this is why it’s so important to seek the help of a dermatologist or skincare expert when your skin is putting you through the ringer. This way you can identify root causes, you can potentially know what products will work for you based on your skin type, and this way, you don’t have to put your skin through hell by going through a trial and error process of all the skincare products you can find.

The great thing about skincare fasting is, your skin will now be able to function naturally without the help of products. Another way to look at skin fasting is, basically eliminating your skincare products one at a time, like a test to see which one actually works best for your skin and which one doesn’t.

Again, this isn’t a be-all-end-all situation, every skin type is different, what works for Miss A might not work for Miss B, but if you ever find yourself in a situation where it feels like your skin needs to breathe from all the products, then a skin fast is a good idea.

Trying out a skin fast is highly dependent on your skin type. If you’re prone to acne, and you have a routine that works for you, it's best to stick to that or at least consult a professional before trying anything new. If you’re someone who is reacting to products but you don’t know which one, then a skin fast might be for you, but you should also seek professional advice first.

Having a skincare routine is pretty great, but you also have to learn to listen to your skin. If you need a break from the ton of products you’re using, you can explore your options with the help of a professional. If you’re going to embark on a skin fast, you need to remember to stick to some essentials, you cannot eliminate your cleansers, especially when they’re helping you keep your pores clean and breakout-free.

You shouldn’t eliminate your sunscreen, especially when it’s a good one, and most especially when you’re exposed to sun on a daily basis. Moisturizing is also a no-brainer, if you have a good moisturizer, please stick to it.

Just because it’s called a skin fast, doesn’t mean all products should be eliminated, you need to remember what the essentials are, and keep some of the basic products and eliminate products that might be giving you some trouble.

If you’re feeling super confused about your skincare routine, and you’re not sure about what works for you or what doesn’t, the general rule of thumb is to speak to a professional. Always remember to think about what your skin truly needs. I know it can get quite frustrating when your skin is going through hell and nothing is working, but just try to breathe, and remember there’s always a way. 

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