Seven Nigerian Podcasts We Are Totally Obsessed With

Nigeria is for sure in its podcast era, and we’re totally here for it…

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  • 14 Jun, 2023

The podcast scene in Nigeria has bloomed over the years, from highly lovable podcasts to the most controversial of them all, there’s literally a podcast suited to everyone’s taste, all you have to do is pick your poison, just like we have.

Podcasters in Nigeria have had their own fair share of controversies, from pop culture, lifestyle banter and everything in between, you’re sure to find a Nigerian podcast that will keep your day interesting, if you’re new to this scene and you have no idea where to begin, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favourite podcasts that you will undoubtedly love as much as we do. 

I Said What I Said Podcast

ISWIS Podcast
ISWIS is podcast royalty as far as we’re concerned, everyone and their family members know about this podcast, just because its sterling reputation precedes it. This podcast is perfect if you’re looking for opinions about anything and everything, where it gets even better is that it gives a little bit of humor that will certainly brighten your day. 

The hosts are Jola Ayeye and FK Abudu, they are a dynamic duo and in no time, they will leave you feeling like you’ve found two new best friends that will give you their opinion about anything. The guests on the show are just as amazing, there’s no way you’ll listen to an episode of this podcast without gaining a little something.

If you're looking for a reset in your day-to-day like, catch up on all ISWIS episodes here

Tea With Tay Podcast

Tea with Tay is just that podcast, think of Taymesan as the best gist partner you could ever dream of, this podcast has a way of touching personal and societal issues in the most lighthearted way possible, and the guests that come on this podcast are completely star studded. 

If you’re looking to hear the life story of your favorite Nigerian celebrity, Tea with Tay should be your plug, because he literally has all the tea. 

Here's where you can find Tea with Tay, just in case you're interested in getting all the tea.

Lowkey Relatable Podcast

Lowkey Relatable is a hidden treasure, as the name implies, it is as relatable as it gets, there’s no way you won’t relate to the topics brought up in this podcast, the best part is how funny Tamara and Valerie are, they never shy away from any type of conversation under the sun.

If you want vulnerable, fun, interesting, and even embarrassing topics, then this is the place for you. If you're lowkey in the mood for some relatable content, here's where you can listen to Lowkey Relatable.

Me, Her & Everything Else Pod

Stephanie Coker Aderinokun never disappoints, this podcast gives a glimpse into discussions that every woman could relate to, it also has everything else you could need, whether that’s lifestyle centered topics and even societal topics. The one thing we love about this podcast is how versatile it is, it can be serious without dampening your mood, and it can also be fun in a way that is just exactly what you need. 

Looking for a little pick me up? Listen here.

Is This Seat Taken?

“Is this seat taken”  is where all the cool kids are, Chinasa Anukam is a total vibe, and so are her guests. It’s full of banter, humor, and just overall a feel good podcast that will leave you wanting more. The host also does an incredible job of interviewing her guests in the most unconventional, yet appealing way. Long story short, you will absolutely love this one.

You can catch episodes of this podcast on Youtube.

F&S Uncensored 

This Nigerian podcast should be your go-to if you want a little bit of everything, join Feyikemi and Simi as they dish out conversations that go across almost all boards, from music, to Nigerian pop culture, to their own personal experiences, they really have it all. This is a space that the Gen Z population in Nigeria could feel safe in, tune in for deep conversations, as well as lighthearted conversations.

F&S uncensored is just what you need today, you can listen to Feyikemi and Simi dish it out on their pod.

So Nigerian Podcast

Do you ever think to yourself “Ah, that’s so Nigerian”? Well, there’s a Nigerian podcast to boot. The So Nigerian podcast is perfect for young people in Nigeria, whether you want to lament or laugh about all the problems you’re facing in our dear country, this is the place for you. Aros and Isaac give their takes in the most relatable way possible, so if you’re looking for an escape from hard life, you’ve come to the right place. 

Everyone needs a little bit of So Nigerian in their life, listen to this podcast on the go, here's where you can find the podcast.

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