MTV Shuga Naija Season 5 Is Just What The Doctor Ordered

The nostalgia of MTV Shuga Naija is cathartic, a lot of us started watching the show at transformative periods in our lives, so to see it back on our screens comes with a feeling that is almost inexplicable and dreamy.

  • written by Joy Onu
  • 3 min read
  • 03 Jun, 2023

MTV Shuga never shies away from hard hitting topics in a way that is relatable and assuring, and this season is hitting those topics in the same fashion, just a couple episodes in and it will have you drooling over the storyline and star studded cast.

The first few scenes are very pivotal, they will have you in a chokehold wondering what will happen next, this season follows Moh played by the brilliant actress, Gbubemi Ejeye. Moh is a young lady with high hopes for a bright future till her parents force an older man on her, this is a story young Nigerian girls know all too well once they reach the “marrying age”, and we can’t wait to see how this story unfolds for Moh.

There are other sensitive themes in this season of MTV Shuga, one that sticks out like a sore thumb is the tension between Haalel played by Maggie Osuome and Praise played by Lexan Peters, it gives off ‘I got flowers today’ and not in a good way. From the first few episodes, we see Haalel in pain and one can only wonder how the entire storyline will play out. 

The new cool kids of this season are absolute firecrackers and we’re here for it, the students of Kuramo high school will have you swooning, from cute meet-cutes to bad girl behavior, there are so many moments and scenes to watch out for. We all know how MTV Shuga executes high school drama like no one's business, MTV Shuga Naija Season 5 hits the mark perfectly and it is amazing to watch. You will also come across past high school alumni from the previous MTV Shuga Naija season, their redemption arc and storyline is also something to look forward to as the series continues in full force.

The star studded cast goes from familiar faces to the new kids on the block, these stars include Adesua Etomi-Wellington, John Njamah, Kiki Omeili, Gbubemi Ejeye, Genoveva Umeh, Susan Pwajok, Lexan Peters, Kanaga Emmanuel Eme, and so many other stars you would absolutely love.  This season focuses on topics that build a society and one topic we’re already obsessed with is women empowerment, Aunty Sheila played by Adesua Etomi, pulled our heartstrings when she talked about women scientists in the history of Nasa, it goes to show that as women, we can chase our dreams and let go of the idea that our worth begins and ends in a home.

MTV Shuga Naija Season 5 addresses gender-based violence and gender equality, it promotes gender equality on and off screen, it has done this by partnering with production companies run by women and by also hiring female talent across its production.

You can watch MTV Shuga Naija Season 5 on BET Africa (Dstv Ch.129 and GOtv Ch. 21) and on MTV Base on Thursdays. The series is also available on Youtube and is set to be broadcast on platforms like Netflix later in the year.


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