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Start Your New Week Right With This ‘You Won’t Steal My Joy’ Mantra

True happiness can’t be taken, but there’s always going to be situations or people in life who will try to take it away, don’t let them.

  • written by Joy Onu
  • 4 min read
  • 20 Nov, 2023
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The start of a new week can pretty much be the beginning of a battle if you’re not careful with the mindset you’re bringing along with you. That’s why we really love a good mantra, they help you stay grounded when you feel your heart racing, or your anxiety sparking, and your blood boiling.

‘You won’t steal my Joy’ is just one out of a million mantras you can mutter under your breath or in your mind when something seems to be threatening your peace. I, for one, use this mantra when I feel like I'm about to lose my mind, does it work like magic? No, but it sure does help me stay grounded in times where my lid is about to blow off, so here are ways to protect your Joy while keeping this mantra in mind.

Take long deep breaths

The new week means you’re susceptible to running into people and the situations life will throw at you, the trick is to always remain calm if life throws lemons at you. Yeah, it’s not easy to do, if your coworker says something mean and nasty, are you just supposed to keep calm? The answer would be yes, at least for now.

Remember that words said out of anger never help anyone or any situation, so take a deep breath if you have to, or at least a couple tiny breaths, walk away from the situation till you’re ready to handle it like the positive pro you are, and try not to work yourself up over something that wouldn’t matter in a month.

Pent Up Emotions Is A No-No

Part of not letting anyone steal your joy means you can’t let yourself steal it either. One of the biggest thieves of Joy is our own pent up emotions, we keep things bottled in for so long, that one day that bottle just explodes, taking an iota of happiness we ever had along with it. 

Let your emotions out when you can, in as much as we do not recommend word vomit when you’re angry, if it’s going to help you get rid of that anger, then just do it. Deep breaths are great, but if it isn’t working, you’re going to need something a lot stronger- scream into a pillow, punch a pillow, shout it out loud to the sky, do anything that can help you blow off some steam, but make sure it’s never to the detriment of yourself or another human being.

Talk To Someone

We know that it’s easy to recoil back into your shell, in fact some of us would rather die than talk to someone, try not to be that person anymore. Find your people, and soon enough you’ll realize how naturally you’d be able to open up and share your problems with them.

If someone or something has just pissed you off, talk to someone, vent your heart and all its problems away. What do you really have to lose? Don’t say your dignity because it takes a lot of strength and courage to be vulnerable, and we really think you have it in you. 

Don’t Let Anything Negative Seep Its Way Into Your Soul

What we’re trying to say is, as you begin this new week, remember that anything negative is not worth the accommodation in your soul. Simply put, just let it go and take your mind off it. Allowing negative thoughts, people, and ideas fester in your mind can only lead to less and less joy, and we don’t want that. Do things that make you smile, be with people that make you happy, no matter what you choose, do not let the negativity stay.

Focus On Your Happy Place

Whether that’s something you love or someone you love, focus on that! This especially works if you have something you’re extremely passionate about. Your passion is what keeps the fire inside you burning, so don’t let that fire out no matter the circumstance.

Your joy is yours, and sometimes life has a way of taking it away and giving it back. It is important to remember that you also have the power to hold onto your joy and protect it in any way you can, so remember; The new week is going to be great, and we’re not letting anything steal our Joy! 

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