Skinny Girl in Transit Season 7 Finale: The Review, Spoilers Ahead

Skinny Girl In Transit came back to our screens with a bang, and then some…

  • written by Joy Onu
  • 3 min read
  • 29 Mar, 2024

While Skinny Girl in Transit episodes on YouTube are somewhat too short, yet ultimately sweet, we can fully say with our whole chest that the storyline this season gave what it was supposed to give, and some other times we found some things lacking.

Granted that it is the ultimate YouTube series comeback, we had a lot of expectations for it, and while they didn’t fail in those expectations, we only wish we had more, and more, and then some more.

The best part about the Skinny Girl in Transit season 7 has to be Shalewa’s character development, we went from sometimes vain Shalewa to emotionally mature Shalewa. She went through hell in the hands of men, namely Mohammed, and that Ghanaian whose name shall not be mentioned. Overall, she made the entire series worthwhile and her having her little moment with Doctor Elijah by the end of the finale gave us severe goosebumps. At first we thought the chemistry between those two was severely lacking, in essence, Shalewa and Mohammed had more spark, but by the end, let’s just say that the chemistry was chemis-trying. 

Moving on to the icing on the cake, the love story between Tiwalade and Mide. They’ve always been the goal for lovers everywhere, and this season was no different. At least that’s what we thought (cough, cough). The end of the final episode had us all bamboozled, let’s face it, Mide had been used as a yardstick of defining a good lover, but if anything, the end of this season has taught us that no one is perfect.

Does this mean that Mide cheated on Tiwa? If that kiss at the end wasn’t any indication, it pains us to say yes he probably did. Before that scene, there were a lot of suspicious moments where Mide was behaving questionable. First off, saying he would leave his family and go abroad and they’ll meet him there eventually, that was not very Mide like. Then, giving Editi somewhat good advice about Didi, but also it wasn’t clear cut when he had to point out “relationships aren’t as they seem”. First off, we all thought Mide and Tiwa were perfect together, that statement threw us for an unending loop.

Didi taking Editi back was a little emotional, it was a grand gesture, but make it Nigerian. Also, it is very important we point out that Derin’s failed sperm donor search led her to the potential love of her life, it’s like kismet or serendipity, if you ask us.

All in all, Skinny Girl in Transit season 7 didn’t disappoint. While we needed longer episodes, we can say without a doubt that the series had a comeback that was one for the ages, and we truly can’t wait to see what the next season holds. Baba Tide has a lot of explaining to do…

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