The Men’s Club Is Back, But Is It Cooler Than Ever?

After quite a long hiatus, the men of The Men’s Club are back, but you know it's just not the same as it was.

  • written by Joy Onu
  • 4 min read
  • 01 Jul, 2023

If you were a big fan of The Men’s Club way back when, you know that it was just a whole new vibe for the Nigerian film industry, it gave us swoon worthy relationships, and a dynamic friendship/bromance to go along with it.

The Men’s Club New Chapter premiered on Prime Video, making it one of the changes that fans seemed to have a problem with. The Men’s Club was a fan favorite for all our YouTube girlies and boys, and now it has a new home, but that’s not even the biggest loss for us. Ayoola Ayolola’s sudden departure from the show caused quite a ruckus, the show may or may not have lost a few fans as a result, but the rest of us diehards are still here.

Ayoola’s character Aminu gave us a charming lover boy and businessman persona that was just super special, so as Pere Egbi takes over the Aminu torch, we are certain that he has big shoes to fill, but is he pulling it off so far, or did the show make a colossal mistake when they recast the character? 

From the first few scenes of The Men’s Club, you will notice the absence of the charm Ayoola brought to the table, but it is important to also notice that Pere is giving it his all to bring the character to life in his own way. If you fully want to enjoy the show in all its glory, you will need to let go of what was and say hello to what is. While it would have been devastating to lose Aminu as part of The Men’s Club, one can only wonder if the show would have been better off if they had just killed the character off as opposed to recasting the role? Here’s a breakdown of what we think of The Men’s Club New Chapter, so far so good.

Aminu and Tumini

It’s so easy to miss the mark when it comes to these two this season, only because the OG Aminu has been recast, we would be lying if we said we don’t miss the chemistry between Ayoola Ayolola and Mimi Chaka, but all things considered, there’s still a certain level of chemistry and spark left as Pere takes over the role as Aminu. 

While it is hard to reconcile the differences, it is super easy to spot the talent Pere brings on to the role, we only hope it gets even better and better, soon enough we might even grow to love the new Aminu.

Tayo and Tiara

While Tiara is still missing in action, we need a moment to remember how many crazy and cute moments our favorite, but toxic couple gave us. They were everything, and then some more. Alas, Tayo is now a lone wolf who has gone from being our resident good boy, to being every woman’s man, we still love him though, and we can only hope Tiara shows up at some point.

Louis and Lola

Louis and Lola are still giving hot and heavy, they have their sexual chemistry still going for them, but there’s also the case of Tonye, Louis’s baby mama, and soon to be ex-wife. She never seizes to cause tension in their relationship, and this season is no different. So we can boldly say nothing has changed in this department, only the tension is even higher than ever.

Lanre and Teni

Lanre and Teni’s relationship is weird on so many levels, Lanre dating one of his best friend’s mother-in-law has to be one of the most awkward relationship stories you’ll ever hear, but hats off to them for still making it work, but will it really work? So far, the dynamic between Teni and his friends is still a bit weird, but with the twists and turns coming, we can’t wait to see how far this relationship goes.

The Men

The boys of The Men’s Club remain our favorite boy group since Style Plus, but with the biggest elephant change in the room, we are left wondering if the show will still have that oomph it had, or will it all go downhill from here? So far so good, the show is still doing a great job of portraying the best and worst of Nigerian relationships and friendships, we can’t wait to see how the whole season unravels. 

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