Five Nollywood TV Characters We Would Totally Take Fashion Tips From

If you’re anything like us, you’re all about the fictional fashionistas

  • written by Eavesdroppr's
  • 5 min read
  • 30 Jan, 2024

When it comes to Nollywood and fashion, Nollywood TV characters have always shaped fashion rules in every era. Whether it was the Nollywood Y2K fashion era or the 2020s fashion era, you're sure to find a fictional fashionista that absolutely nails in every time.

There’s just a lot of fashionistas in the Nollywood game, granted that they are fictional characters, but if they were real life people, we would totally go to them for fashion tips because they always nail their looks and vibes.

Shalewa- “Skinny Girl In Transit”

Shalewa in Skinny Girl In Transit
Shalewa in Skinny Girl in Transit, played by the equally fashion forward Sharon Ooja has to be our absolute favorite. Shalewa is a fashion girl in the making, there’s no outfit in all six seasons she didn’t slay. If Skinny Girl in Transit was real life, Shalewa would definitely be winning fashion influencer of the year.

Granted that the new and revived season of Skinny Girl in Transit just hit our screens, but we can already tell that we’re going to see a whole new Shalewa, and we’re counting on more iconic fashion looks.

Dolapo Makinde - “Flawsome”

Dolapo in Flawsome
Dolapo is PR genius on Flawsome, and in our eyes, she is also a fashion genius. She’s giving boss girl vibe a whole new meaning with all her corporate-girly outfits. If there’s one thing about this character played by Enado Odigie, it is that she will wear the hell out of a corporate dress and high heels.

Zuri: "The Smart Money Woman"

Zuri in The Smart Money Woman
One thing about Zuri is that she will never be caught dead looking un-fresh no matter how empty her wallet is. You’ve got to hand it to her, she really said, broke and financially a mess, but my outfits are always to die for. We love that she became more financially aware, but we also love it when people always try their best to never look like their problems.

Mike - "Castle & Castle"

Daniel Etim Effiong in Castle and Castle
Mike, portrayed by the talented Daniel Etim in "Castle & Castle," is the perfect embodiment of a modern gentleman with a flair for fashion. His wardrobe is a well-curated collection of tailored suits, stylish accessories, and a touch of edginess. Mike's fashion advice is a must-hear for anyone looking to elevate their wardrobe with a contemporary twist.

Danladi Dikko - Crime and Justice Lagos

Danladi in Crime And Justice Lagos
Yes, we know Crime and Justice Lagos is a little away from the nose for a fashion themed piece, but don’t judge us yet. Danladi Dikko played by Ibrahim Jammal gives casual-chic-cop a whole new meaning. Why on earth does he always look so casual-cool and fashionable while busting criminals, there’s just something about his fashionista style that every man needs to try out once or twice in their life.

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