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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Person

Note to self, this applies to the girlies and the guys

  • written by Joy Onu
  • 7 min read
  • 13 Feb, 2024

There’s nothing worse than overthinking a gift so hard that you lose track of time, luckily for you, we’ve scoured our minds and the internet to find the easiest, budget friendly, last minute gifts that could still knock their socks off.

Whether you’re looking for something simple or something a bit extra, we’ve got you covered. Fingers crossed, by the end of this, you will have figured out the best last minute Valentine’s day gift for your partner.

A Playlist

There was a time where people made mixtapes and things of that sort for people that they liked/loved. To us, this is a pretty decent Valentine’s day gift idea because there’s nothing quite like expressing love through the subtle art of good music. So go ahead and create a playlist with the most stupidly cute love songs that your partner will absolutely love.

Food Tray 

Food is a love language of its own, if you know what we mean. The good news is, you can get a food tray last minute from food vendors around you. Scour menus far and near to find the most aesthetically pleasing food tray, filled with your person’s favorite food, and all of that yummy goodness.

DIY Hamper

Hampers with a little red bow on top is literally perfect, all you need to do is, take your self shopping for all you can get items. From snacks, to chocolates, fancy biscuits, wine, cute love notes, balloons. If anyone can pull off a DIY hamper, it’s for sure someone in love. Your hamper could be of a different variety, for instance, you could go the healthy route, like a cute little fruit basket.


Be it girl jewelry or guy jewelry, you can never go wrong with this valentine gift idea. For the ladies, you could do fancy necklaces or bracelets. For the guys, it could be fancy wrist watches, staple neck pieces, and so on. If you’re feeling extra lovey-dovey, you could do a personalized locket with cute inscriptions or a picture of the two of you together. 

Classic Chocolate 

You know those ferrero rocher chocolates that look like they might have been dipped in gold at one point or the other? And they can basically be found anywhere? Yeah, you can’t go wrong with those, and they are also a bit pricey. So, fancy chocolates? Check.

Curated Selfcare Box

Our go to on this one is a good old skincare haul. If your person is a skincare doer, then this is perfect. What’s better than a haul filled with all their favorite products? Absolutely nothing. If your man could care less about skincare, there’s still other items, like beard kits, one of those especially curated boxes with cufflinks, perfumes, and so on. Basically, anything that screams selfcare is a good idea.

Spa Trip

With everyone stressed out these days, there’s no harm in reserving a spa date for the one you love. Think about it, it could be a cute little date activity, and it could also be the perfect way to destress after a long day/week/month.

Shopping Trip

There’s nothing better than a shopping trip montage of your own. You know those scenes in movies where two people so clearly into each other go to the mall or a clothing store, and then there’s a montage of them trying different outfits? Yes, it will be just as dreamy as it sounds, so take your partner on a shopping spree and see how much fun they have.

Classy Luggage

We’re catching flights and feelings this year, so manifest a luxurious holiday or plan ahead, whichever one floats your boat. Get them a luggage set that could be used on that dream holiday.

Homemade Meal

It’s really the action that counts, and at the end of the day, not everyone would be able to get a gift item. So spruce up your cooking, or baking skills, and make some homemade dinner for the one you love. Maybe watch a movie together, have some wine, and definitely relax.

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