Everything We Know About Funke Akindele’s Upcoming Film "Finding Me"

The cast reveal for Funke Akindele’s upcoming film “Finding Me” is everything and more…

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  • 20 May, 2024

Nollywood superstar Funke Akindele is set to take fans on a journey of self-discovery with her upcoming romantic comedy, Finding Me. The exciting news was revealed through a series of captivating transition videos posted on Akindele's Instagram on May 14th, featuring renowned actors Femi Adebayo, Joseph Benjamin, and Shaffy Bello.

A Star-Studded Production by The Funke Akindele Network (FAAN)

The announcement videos showcase the A-list cast transforming their outfits, culminating in a reveal of the film's title emblazoned on "Finding Me" t-shirts. Produced under Akindele's production company, FAAN, the film has generated significant buzz among Nollywood fans. While plot details and the release date remain under wraps, anticipation is high for Akindele's next cinematic endeavor.

Cast Details For Funke Akindele’s Finding Me 

If there’s one thing this Nollywood legend does effortlessly, it’s bringing together a star-studded cast in every single production. We’ve seen it time and time again in a variety of her films and productions — to put it simply, everything Funke Akindele touches, turns to gold.

The cast for the upcoming film Finding Me includes veterans and popular Nollywood actors including Shaffy Bello, Tina Mba, Sharon Ooja, Joseph Benjamin, Efa Iwara, Omoni Oboli, Dele Odule among other stars. With a cast-reveal like this, we can surely expect the best Nollywood movie of the year. 

Following the Footsteps of Blockbuster Success

This announcement comes shortly after Akindele unveiled Everybody Loves Jenifa, a spin-off from her beloved Jenifa franchise, slated to premiere in December 2024. Akindele is a powerhouse in the Nigerian film industry, boasting a filmography filled with critical and commercial successes. Notably, she is the director behind the highest-grossing Nigerian film ever, A Tribe Called Judah, which shattered box office records with a staggering ₦1.4 billion haul. Her production prowess extends to Battle on Buka Street (₦668 million) and Omo Ghetto: The Saga (₦636 million),solidifying her place as one of Nollywood's leading filmmakers.

A Reigning Award Winner

Akindele's talent extends far beyond directing. She is the most decorated actress at the Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards (AMVCA) with a record-breaking five wins. Her accolades include Best Actress in a Comedy for "The Return of Sheri Koko" (2014), "Jenifa's Diary" (2016 & 2017), and "Omo Ghetto: The Saga" (2022), along with Best Actress in a Comedy Movie or TV Series (2017).

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